Shopinga Affiliate Program automatically rewards every individual or company that refers customers to our Website with a Commission fee for every purchase the customer makes on our website. The Commission rate ranges between 5% – 90% depending on the Type of product the customer purchased.

Everyone can participate in this program, whether you are a Student, a Professional, a Company, an organization, a blogger,  or even one of our partners.

We send a Total of your rewards every last date of the month for all customers you have referred to us in that month. The more customers you bring on our website, the more we both win.

  1. You enter this program by Signing up as an Affiliate.
  2. After being approved, you get a Unique Referral ID to identify you in your account.
  3. Then you share the links from your Affiliate Account, through any channel (Facebook, email, sms etc…)
  4. When a customer who came to our website through your Links makes a successful purchase, We forward your commission reward to your preferred payment method.

Some customers you refer may prefer to make orders directly using phone calls. In that case, make sure to give them your affiliate username and instruct them to mention it at the time of making that purchase, or else assist them with placing an order online on their behalf through your unique referral links.

You can tell your direct connections who are potentially interested in any product on our website, like friends, family, business partners, customers etc… whenever you meet them, or using the Internet on social media like: Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, your blog or website, or via email & SMS.

Simply take your unique referral links from your Referral Account, and share them with everyone you can, once they click and make the purchase, you are notified & you get your commission automatically.

If they won’t make the purchase through your links, instruct them to at least fill the Referral field at the Checkout Page with your username, either way we can allocate the referral reward to your account automatically.

We make payouts every last day of the month by sending commission rewards to our valued affiliates through their preferred mode of payment. We currently support Bank Transfers, PayPal, and Mobile Money (MTN, MPESA) only.

Our 45 Days Tracking cookies ensure you earn your referral reward when a customer who comes to our website through your link makes a purchase another day within a range of 45 Days, even if they don’t come through your Link at the time of making a purchase later.

You have detailed statistics of all the traffic you brought to our site in your Affiliate Area, you can see who clicked the links you shared, who made a purchase, and how much you’ll earn at the end of the month as a result.

When you log into your affiliate area, you’ll see a menu titled “Creatives” , where you can find graphics and block of texts to use while promoting us.


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Commission Rates

Courses 90%
eBooks 90%
Web Hosting 55%
Software 50%
Services 30%